Training for Local Authorities

Local authorities have a key role to play in the multi-agency planning and response to emergencies, as well as in maintaining essential public services. Like any organisation, you also need to maintain your own business-critical activities when disruption hits, and you have an important role in the Prevent agenda. As a public service mutual, Applied Resilience understands local authorities.

We know budget is tight. We understand that you need training that's fit for purpose and covers exactly what you need it to.

You don't want to invest in generic courses only to find whole sections aren't relevant to the public sector. And you have a lot of staff who need some kind of resilience training, whether they're your frontline rest centre teams, strategic leaders, elected members, communications team or tactical managers. Our local authority training programme will help you prepare and respond to the highest of professional standards. Take a look.

All About Rest Centres

Anyone who could find themselves working in or managing a rest centre during or following an emergency.

Business Continuity - Oversight

For those with responsibility for business continuity

Logging Training

Practical training for anyone with an emergency response role or may act as a Loggist

Strategic Incident Management (Gold)

Strategic Incident Management Training for Local Authority Strategic Responders/'Golds'

Tactical Incident Management and Liaison

Core training for emergency response duty managers or personnel