Local Resilience Forums (LRFs)

LRFs bring together Category 1 and 2 responders around the UK, but each of those organisations has their day job to think about, as well as their LRF roles. Our team has a lot of experience working with different LRFs, and we find that having the support of an outside team alongside your local responders can be a valuable addition to your local response arrangements. We'll be focused on the task at hand, we might spot issues with greater clarity than those closely involved in the local response, and we have the time to invest in the tasks you need. Whether those tasks relate to plan writing, structure and governance, training and exercising, or debriefing, get in touch.

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LRF Reviews

We've worked with lots of different LRFs, who all have different governance and support arrangements. We're also pretty proud that our own business follows an innovative delivery model. All this means that we're really well placed to provide knowledgeable, practical insight if you're considering an independent review of your LRF's governance and functions.


Major Exercises

Not only do major exercises help you test your plans and practise your arrangements, they also play a crucial role in helping different agencies in your area get to know each other and learn how each other works. Our team has extensive experience in developing and delivering major multi-agency exercises, including those for LRFs and for the EU.



Training is an integral part of any response preparations and at Applied Resilience we have experience of training all sorts of audiences. We can support you with bespoke training at strategic, tactical or operational levels (or a mix of all three), as well as general awareness for those outside the command structure. Get in touch for details.



Major incidents are thankfully (relatively) uncommon, but that just makes it all the more important that we collect every scrap of learning from them when they do take place, as well as from training exercises. Our experienced and trained debriefers can facilitate independent debriefs as well as provide reports and feedback to support the findings.

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“Applied Resilience are just brilliant! Their extensive expertise is applied in a practical, pragmatic and human way. We are in such better shape now than we were. Definitely value for money, there’s no way we could replicate what they do for less.”

Mari Roberts-Wood - Director of People, Reigate & Banstead Borough Council

"We are delighted with the services provided by Applied Resilience"

Tim Pashen - Executive Head, Environment, Surrey Heath Borough Council

"The helpful guides that Applied Resilience have produced are very user friendly. We have been really impressed with the positive and practical approach."

Jukia Wood, St George's School - Bursar

"I hope that we will never have put this into practise but if we did, I feel reassured that the Senior Leadership team and other staff members would be confident in implementing the correct actions. Thank you Applied Resilience"

Samantha Sawyer - Head, Staines Preparatory School

We are always happy to have an informal chat about what support might help, whether from us or others - please do get in touch.