Local Authorities

Local Authorities

We can confidently say that we understand local authorities in all their forms! We were founded (and are still part-owned) by local authorities, many of our team have experience of working and responding in local government, and we have long-standing local authority clients. Our innovative delivery model means local authorities and other public sector clients can engage us for short term projects such as plan development, health checks, training and exercising, as well as longer term portfolio management. Every day we work with District, Borough, Unitary and County clients to support their emergency planning, LRF, business continuity and strategic risk management.

Working with Applied Resilience, our partners get the benefits of a widely experienced team for planning, exercising and training and a large team when needed in an emergency, 24/7, 365. We have extensive and up to date experience in responding to major incidents and emergencies ranging from terrorist incidents to wide scale flooding and recovery.

As well as emergency planning and business continuity, we have expertise in corporate risk management, information security, crisis management and the Prevent agenda. Why not get in touch for an informal chat?

How Can We Help?

Local Authorities


How do you square shrinking resources, rising service need and increasingly specialist requirements, and still maintain a strong emergency response function? Our partnership model solves this problem, with a range of service levels to suit you.

With each option, you also get the support of the entire team during an incident, when you need it the most.

Local Authorities

Health Checks

It can be hard to demonstrate progress and provide assurance where emergencies and business continuity are concerned. We offer a partial or full resilience health check, providing a detailed, confidential assessment of your organisation's compliance, general readiness and opportunities in emergency planning, business continuity, Prevent, corporate risk and security (physical and information).

We work to make sure you get maximum efficiency and value from the planning process itself and that arrangements hold up to reality, not just on paper.

Local Authorities

Emergency Planning

We have significant experience in emergency planning for all kinds of local authorities. We can assist with plan development and embedding, reviews, plan challenging and audit. We work to make sure you get maximum efficiency and value from the planning process itself and that arrangements hold up to reality, not just on paper.

We draw on best practice from across all sectors to make sure our services are unparalleled.

Local Authorities

Business Continuity

Major business disruptions happen. Having business continuity plans in place is a statutory duty, but making them work in practice is where the real challenges and benefits lie.

Our experienced, accredited team can help with all elements of the business continuity cycle or deliver it in its entirety.

Local Authorities


The local authorities' role in counter-terrorism has come into stark focus over the last five years. Councils must have robust Prevent strategies in place, with demonstrable training for staff. We have extensive knowledge of Prevent, providing strategy development, training and Channel Panel support.

We can also cover other counter-terrorism elements, including site security and emergency response plans.

We work to make sure training and exercising is realistic and holistic and where possible combine both training and exercising together for maximum benefit.

Local Authorities


Training and exercising should be fun, varied, regular and effective. We can support with or deliver training and exercising for all levels of your authority, including elected members. Our training and exercising are always multi-channel, interactive, targeted and, according to our continued outstanding feedback, enjoyable!

Where possible we combine training and exercising together for maximum benefit.

Local Authorities


We've seen attacks on council staff and offices in the past and sadly, the likelihood is we will again. We've helped numerous councils to review their security procedures, from front-of-house hardening to emergency response.

We draw on expertise from across all sectors, including the police service and armed forces, to give you pragmatic, effective advice.

Local Authorities

Strategic Advice

Resilience is a strategic issue, and strong leaders know the importance of their role in ensuring their authority can respond to emergencies. With many authorities investing in significant commercial activity, it's important you don't lose sight of an increasing risk profile.

We can provide confidential advice and support to your strategic leads around risk and opportunities in resilience.

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“Applied Resilience are just brilliant! Their extensive expertise is applied in a practical, pragmatic and human way. We are in such better shape now than we were. Definitely value for money, there’s no way we could replicate what they do for less.”

Mari Roberts-Wood - Director of People, Reigate & Banstead Borough Council

"We are delighted with the services provided by Applied Resilience"

Tim Pashen - Executive Head, Environment, Surrey Heath Borough Council

"The helpful guides that Applied Resilience have produced are very user friendly. We have been really impressed with the positive and practical approach."

Jukia Wood, St George's School - Bursar

"I hope that we will never have put this into practise but if we did, I feel reassured that the Senior Leadership team and other staff members would be confident in implementing the correct actions. Thank you Applied Resilience"

Samantha Sawyer - Head, Staines Preparatory School

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