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Emergency Management


There are a number of challenges for local authorities when considering emergency planning and business continuity provision.

While many organisations feel more comfortable having their resilience resource in house, we know from experience that this has limitations. For a start, your resource can't work 24/7, 365 and as everyone know, most emergencies strike when the emergency planning lead or chief executive (or both) are away.

AR offers continuity, with a member of the team always available, not limited to certain days of the week. Our large network draws on learning from across authorities, as well as other work areas we are involved in (such as the private sector and international work). We deliver significant efficiencies when representing a partners interests, primarily by dividing our time amongst all AR partners represented. Our numbers also mean we can attend multiple events/meetings at the same time. Our contract structures also allow regular reviews and easy performance management and allows for flexible changed depending on the need.

Our team can complement and support your in house lead, or provide direct portfolio management, depending on your needs.

Case Study

When a Borough council's in house emergency planner moved on to a new role, the council had a decision to make. Do they recruit for a new resilience lead or do they look at opportunities to improve the service or reduce costs. After exploring their options, the council decided to contract with Applied Resilience. The model provided a number of opportunities to the council, including;

  • Continuity of service - the risk of in house staff moving on with the associated recruitment headache and costs aren't there
  • Access to the entire extensive range of AR's plans, templates, training modules, exercises and expertise
  • Unparalleled network learning across all sectors
  • 24/7, 365 incident management support
  • Multi-agency representation at LRF and other groups
  • Representation of resilience at internal meetings and committee's
  • Flexible service delivery - based on monthly hours, averaged over time to support service delivery
  • Capacity for increased support when needed, for example key projects
  • Robust multi-agency working and support, while maintaining internal support such as strategic risk advice, in house training, exercising, advice and response functions.

Our Managing Director, Nick Moon says;

" The massive COVID-19 response should have removed any lingering doubts that Local Authorities are key players in any emergency response. We know our model works particularly well for Councils and we are very proud that before and throughout the COVID-19 response, our team continue to be singled out as providing outstanding support. If you feel like you could benefit from more help, either with key plan or project development, debriefs, training and exercising, or indeed emergency response support, it is definitely worth talking to us before making a decisions"