Logging Training

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Ensuring key actions, decisions and information are captured is fundamental to emergency response. Therefore, logging is relevant to almost anyone who is required to respond to an incident, ranging from rest centre managers to incident liaison officers.

Build your confidence in how to log by taking part in this two and a half hour training session, which will not only arm you with some key logging tips, but also develop your logging ability through several interactive exercises.

This course is great for
Anyone in a key emergency response role e.g. Tactical leads, rest centre managers, liaison officers etc, emergency control rooms, rest centres, staff or anyone who would be suited to take on the role of a loggist during an incident (e.g. someone who typically takes minutes, decision logs or actions.

We'll cover
Why logging is so important
Who should log during an emergency response
The role and responsibilities of a dedicated loggist
What constitutes logging good practice
The pros and cons of paper vs. electronic logs
How to log in several scenarios

This training is delivered wither online or on-site. Please enquire for more details.