Crisis Management 101 for Strategic Leaders

£400.00 exc VAT

Location: 57 Manor Way, GREAT SUTTON, L66 4BW

Sometimes you're looking for a course that ticks every box. We can't promise that this training covers everything you could possibly want to know about crisis management - but it's a fantastic place to start. Learning alongside strategic leaders from other organisations and benefiting from the experience of a former senior police officer, we'll begin with the basics of what crisis management is, move through ways to identify your risks, and take you through practical ways to get started.

This course is great for:
Anyone who has a strategic leadership role in a crisis, including chief executives, management team members and senior leaders.

We'll cover:

  • Why we plan for crisis management
  • Knowing your risks
  • Different types of incident (onsite and offsite emergencies, business continuity and lockdown incidents)
  • Management team and key roles
  • Record-keeping
  • Testing and exercising your plan - your options
  • Pulling together the learning and reviewing your plan

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