Emergencies in schools are, thankfully, uncommon, however they certainly do happen, and are usually high profile and serious.

How We Can Help

Table Top Exercise

Have a plan? You need to test it. We create realistic emergency scenarios guiding you through your response, your arrangements and exploring strengths and challenges. At the end of the session, we provide a confidential summary report with suggestions of what can be done to improve arrangements.

Emergency Plans

Most sound managers know how to take sensible actions in an emergency. However, a real emergency is not something you experience often and panic and assumptions can make many plans useless and even hinder a response. We have developed simple but effective templates that will mean you get the response right.


In our experience, most plans get updated and then left on the shelf. It's not very realistic to expect people to know what they should do, rapidly and in an emergency situation, if they have not been trained or had a chance to practice. We offer a range of flexible training and exercises to make sure your arrangements are properly embedded.

Emergency Support

If you would like to be able to call on emergency management experts when you need it most, why not consider an on call arrangement with us?

Case Studies

St George's School, Ascot

A prestigious school with Royal connections, St George's had an existing emergency plan in place, however like most schools, it was not regularly or strenuously exercised and staff training was out of date.

St George's tackled the challenge head on and worked with Applied Resilience to develop:

A Strategic Resilience Strategy - designed for parents, governors, staff and inspectors, the strategy clearly defined the schools risk profile, it's approach to handling emergencies and the roles and responsibilities of each. Placing this important information in an easily accessible strategy report freed operational plans to focus on key staff actions;

An Integrated Response Plan - Applied Resilience worked with the school to create a practical, multi-sectioned, easy to use response plan, which focused on 4 key areas:

1. Off site emergencies
2. On site emergencies
3. Business Continuity
4. Lock-down emergencies

Aide memoirs and Log Books - Quick to grab and easy to use log books with support aide memoirs were created for staff on school trips and for onsite staff to be first notified during a developing emergency.

Staines Preparatory School

Staines Preparatory School chose the Silver package as best suited to their needs. As such, a health check, an operational plan, and incident management team training were all carried out.

In already having substantial arrangements in place, the flexibility of the Silver package enabled the school to reinforce their own resilience, with a relatively small investment.

In the spirit of partnership Applied Resilience also visited the school during an inset day and delivered a training session to a large group of staff. At the end of the project, the school was left with comprehensive processes and plans, including incident management guides, but most importantly resilience that was embedded beyond the management team reaching all areas across the school.


"The helpful guides that Applied Resilience have produced are very user friendly. We have been really impressed with the positive and practical approach."

Jukia Wood, St George's School

"We are delighted with the services provided by Applied Resilience"

Tim Pashen, Surrey Heath Borough Council

"I hope that we will never have put this into practise but if we did, I feel reassured that the Senior Leadership team and other staff members would be confident in implementing the correct actions. Thank you Applied Resilience"

Samantha Sawyer, Staines Prepatory School

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