Business Resilience

Business Resilience

"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently" - Warren Buffet

Don't let a crisis penetrate your core business, threaten your key activities and damage confidence.

How Can We Help?

Health Checks

Not sure how well prepared your organisation is for a disruptive event? Our comprehensive Health Check will give you a confidential snap shot of your state of readiness, along with simple recommendations and a risk rating for each - helping you prioritise what is most important and what can wait.

Testing & Exercising

Have plans in place, or feel confident you're as prepared as you should be? Test it.
Testing and exercising is a core part of any business continuity process. We offer testing, exercising and feedback from table top, to live, at strategic and operational levels. All our tests and exercises are realistic, interactive and can help reveal issues, long before they threaten your bottom line.

Business Continuity Planning

Thinking you can avoid all risks is naive. If you're unlucky enough to find yourselves standing outside your building, unable to return, can you manage your core activities and staff? Business Continuity isn't about keeping everything as it is, it is about quickly understanding where you are and knowing your next steps, all to ensure the impact is managed. We can support you through the whole Business Continuity Cycle, making it as painless as possible, while substantially reducing the associated costs of a poorly managed response.

Crisis Management

Crisis - (an) Inherently abnormal, unstable and complex situation that represents threat to the strategic objectives, reputation or existence of an organization (PAS 200:2011)

Applied Resilience draws on best practice from across the public and private sectors, as well as the Armed Forces, to offer bespoke crisis management planning and training.

Whatever the size of your organisation, we can help you ensure that from top to bottom you can respond dynamically and decisively to any threat to your business.

Info Security / ISO27001

Need help with developing, implementing or auditing an Information Security Management System? Our accredited ISO27001 team can support.

Bomb Threats

Even a hoax can cause severe disruption and if managed poorly, shake staff and stockholder confidence. How will a threat be identified, communicated and managed, and how will this fit in with your wider response and core functions?

Incident Support

A subpar response to an emergency incident or business crisis can cost dearly. Having the security of experienced emergency responders available to support you during an incident, particularly the crucial few hours can make the difference. Our team offer 24/7, 365 incident management support.


With the UK's National Threat Level at 'Severe' meaning an attack is 'highly likely', having confidence you can rapidly and safely lock down your sites and support staff can literally save lives. We draw on the latest guidance and expertise to offer effective but pragmatic procedures and training for staff at all levels.

Case Studies

Case Study Example

Mark is a Director at a company that delivers specialist consultancy services and training across the UK, with some international work in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Mark is comfortable with the company's ICT Disaster Recovery and Resilience, but a scare over a very badly timed 'false alarm' fire evacuation, made him reflect on how effectively things would run if they did lose access to their main offices.

At the same time, Mark was very conscious of the number of strategic pressures on the company following recent assurance pressures such as GDPR and equality programs.

Applied Resilience worked with Mark to deliver rapid and pragmatic set of measures to immediately mitigate some of the biggest risks, while working with the company over a longer period to develop and embed effective Incident Management plans.

At the end of the process, the company had a clear understanding of their risks, key activities (including some surprising ones) and knew how and when to deploy key actions to prevent any crisis penetrating the core business and threatening confidence.

Case Study Example

Claire works for a small tech company with a global reach. Their tech supports some very high-profile entertainment events and although they have a fantastic reputation in the industry, they want to make sure they keep it.

One of the darkest moments for the company, was when one of their employees was killed while overseas. While the company got through it as best they could, Claire felt that 'it was close' and that things could have gone better. There were numerous unconsidered elements to the tragedy and Claire felt an effective and embedded Crisis Management structure was needed. Claire recognised that we cannot anticipate every possible scenario and that is not what it is about - having the machinery and skill sets in place before hand is what is key.

AR worked with the company to help identify how best to structure their crisis management response and ran training and exercise workshops with the senior leadership team and key managers so they felt confident in their roles.

"The helpful guides that Applied Resilience have produced are very user friendly. We have been really impressed with the positive and practical approach."

Jukia Wood, St George's School

"We are delighted with the services provided by Applied Resilience"

Tim Pashen, Surrey Heath Borough Council

"I hope that we will never have put this into practise but if we did, I feel reassured that the Senior Leadership team and other staff members would be confident in implementing the correct actions. Thank you Applied Resilience"

Samantha Sawyer, Staines Prepatory School

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